KEF LS60 Wireless Experience Workshop - Event Recap

One of the perks of myKEF membership is exclusive access to member events and workshops. On Saturday, 3 September, we held our first members-only event showcasing the LS60 Wireless.

myKEF members were treated to a 60-minute listening session, where KEF representatives walked them through the ins and outs of the LS60 Wireless speaker system and its acoustic power. The session included different music sources such as online streaming, CD and vinyl to truly showcase the speaker's power. Members were encouraged to ask questions related to audio set-up, and how to get the most out of the equipment they already have at home.

At the end of the session, myKEF members left with a new appreciation for High-Fidelity sound, and knowing that with LS60 Wireless, pure audio is just a few clicks away.

At the end of the session, we asked members to share their thoughts on the event, as well as on the LS60 Wireless. The best responses received a free pair of Mu3 True Wireless Headphones. This is what our winners had to say:

I've been a KEF user since the LS3/5A and have recently acquired a KEF LS50 Wireless II + KC62 Subwoofer. Active streaming speakers are definitely a convenient solution and the quality has improved over the years, which in turn has attracted a younger audience to enjoy HiFi audio. Next time it would be best to try out a few more different genres of music, so we can test out the true potential of the speakers."

- Ian

As a beginner into the world of audio, the staff has gone into great detail about the qualities to look for when selecting a pair of speakers which is fascinating. As someone who in the past had no preference to my audio listening experience, the event made me realise how great audio can enrich your daily life and how a big soundstage can immerse you into another world. This is definitely something that only KEF speakers can do. Overall the 1-hour workshop has been a very plesant experience: listening to some extraodinary music over a cup of great coffee is definitely one of the joys of life."

- Vivian

Our Experience Workshops happen regularly and are available exclusively to myKEF members. Sign up today and join us at the next one.

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