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Refurbished Architectural Speakers

Refurbished Ci3160REF-THX

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      THX® Certified Ultra in-wall Architectural Speaker

      Ci3160REF-THX# utilises REFERENCE technologies to meet the standards of the legendary REFERENCE Series, as well as KEF’s Extreme Theatre and THX® Certified Ultra. It even comes with a REFERENCE Build Certificate signed by the craftsman who made it.

      *This product may take 12-14 weeks for delivery.

      Guaranteed KEF quality

      Each KEF Certified Refurbished Product undergoes a rigorous certification process to ensure both performance and quality are up to our exacting standards. They are also covered by the same warranty terms and conditions as our new products.



      Ci3160REF-THX takes in-wall performance to new heights. Whether used as a two-channel pair or as part of a complete home theatre system in any combination of KEF Architectural and traditional speakers, Ci3160REF-THX delivers countless possibilities for REFERENCE performance.
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      Flawless Sound

      Ci3160REF-THX utilises the latest Uni-Q point source driver array. A 25mm vented aluminium dome tweeter sits at the exact acoustic centre of a 125mm mid-range driver. Together they act as a single source, flooding the listening space evenly with flawlessly natural sound.
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      Brilliant Bass

      Ci3160REF-THX’s bespoke 160mm bass driver is optimised for in-wall performance. With a massive vented magnet assembly and a large aluminium wire voice coil driving an exceptionally light, stiff and strong alloy cone, the dynamics and power handling are exceptional.
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      Auditioning perfection

      Ci3160REF-THX’s crossover combines the science of computer-modelling with the rigours of exhaustive auditioning and refinement of each high-grade component. Only components with the lowest distortion and the smoothest response make the grade for this exceptional loudspeaker. #For optimised performance, THX recommends using the Ci3160REF-THX without grille or fabric grille.
      The Details


      accordion open
      Nominal Impedance
      4 Ohms
      90dB (2.83V/ 1m)
      Frequency Response (±6DB)
      40Hz - 28kHz (±6dB)
      Frequency Range (-10DB)
      Nominal Coverage (Degrees)
      Crossover Frequencies
      350Hz, 2.7kHz
      Drive Units
      LF: 2 x 160mm (6.5 in.)
      MF: 125mm (5.25 in.) Uni-Q
      HF: 25mm (1 in.)
      Recommended Amplifier Power
      40 - 350W
      Recommended High-pass Filter (HZ)
      Product External Dimension (H X W X D)
      680 x 230 x 105.7 mm (26.77 x 9.06 x 4.16 in.)
      Cut-out Dimensions (H X W)
      660 x 209 mm (25.98 x 8.23 in.)
      Mounting Thickness (Maximum)
      Mounting Thickness (Minimum)
      Mounting Depth from Surface
      99mm (3.9 in.)
      Optional Rough In Frame
      Ideal Rear Volume (L)
      Minimum Rear Volume (L)
      Max SPL (dB)
      THX Ultra
      Safety and Regulatory Compliance
      Net Weight
      13.4Kg (29.54Ibs.)
      Unit Measurement
      KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE. THX, the THX logo, and Ultra are trademarks of THX Ltd. THX and the THX logo are registered in the U.S. and other jurisdictions. All rights reserved.

      Please visit our Ci Software Download page for more details.

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