Embark on a trip down KEF Music Memory Lane at Hotel ICON

For anyone who loves music, KEF curated an exceptional experience with Hotel ICON, Hong Kong’s top 5 by Tripadvisor, to celebrate iconic moments in music history in a trio of premier suites offering some of Hong Kong’s most spectacular Harbour views.

Each suite envelopes you in wonderfully immersive experience, with instantly recognisable décor, specially curated in-room cuisines and movies. Plus, each suite has its own playlist, expertly curated by Dr Wong Chi Chung, a man who combines academia, DJing, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of music! And of course, room guests get to enjoy these specially compiled playlists through selected KEF premium loudspeakers from Blade, Reference, LS50 Wireless II, LSX or Muo.

British Rock 'n' Roll in full swing

The British Rock & Roll suite is inspired by the work of John Lennon, David Bowie and a host of Brit Rock icons. Guests will feel like they are with them in the room as they enjoy a selection of stone-cold classics on KEF’s exceptional Blade Two loudspeakers in the main living room, the new LS50 Wireless II in the bedroom and Muo in the bathroom.

Discover the golden era of Cantopop

Or you can relive one of the greatest periods in Hong Kong’s music history with a night in the Legends of 80s Cantopop suite. You can revisit the classic tunes of Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui and more, while enjoying the Harbour views and the 80s memorabilia and artwork. KEF’s new LS50 Wireless II, LSX ‘Soundwave Edition’, and Muo deliver sublime sound around the suite, and the EGG Duo soundtracks the evening in your own personal bar.

Celebrate the Jazz Age in style

The Cool Jazz suite is located in Hotel ICON’s Designer Suite, created by world-renowned fashion designer Vivienne Tam. Inspired by the timeless appeal of the jazz greats and adorned with artwork and a breath-taking view. The sensational KEF Reference 1 providing the soundtrack in the bedroom, elsewhere, the new LS50 Wireless II, EGG Duo and Muo ensure you are never without music as you enjoy your stay.

Exclusive privilege for KEF customers

Available from 1 Oct to 30 Nov 2020, you can enjoy 15% off on thematic pop-up suites bookings upon purchase of any KEF products at KEF Music Gallery.

C65 Cantopop Suite: HK$3,230* (original rate: HK$3,800*)
C80 British Rock ‘n’ Roll Suite: HK$3,910* (original rate: HK$4,600*)
Jazz in style Designer Suite by Vivienne Tam: HK$4,335* (original rate: HK$5,100*)

* Prices are subject to a 10% service charge

Booking method: Please contact Hotel ICON at 3400 1688 or email to book@hotel-icon.com.

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