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      A high-performance interspeaker cable

      K-Stream is a high-performance interspeaker cable created by The Chord Company for KEF to complement the exceptional LS50 Wireless. Utilising Chord’s award-winning high-performance cable technology, K-Stream ensures the perfect high-resolution link between the two speakers.

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      Flexibility and style

      As well as being a high-resolution, incredibly well built and reliable cable, K-Stream is 6 metres long – double that of the cable supplied with LS50 Wireless – which makes it ideal for creating a wider soundstage or for use in installations. Plus, for the style conscious customer, it comes in a choice of three finishes that perfectly match those of the LS50 Wireless.
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      High-performance ethernet

      K-Stream delivers pristine transmission of data between the speakers thanks to its premium specification, which includes high-speed oxygen free conductors, low-loss low-density polyethylene insulation, individually shielded conductor pairs and 24ct gold-plated signal contacts. Plus, its RJ45 connectors boast a non-compression strain relief system for improved reliability.

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      The Details


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      High speed oxygen-free copper conductors

      Individually shielded, twisted conductor pairs plus overall shield

      Low-loss low density polyethylene insulation

      24ct. gold-plated signal contacts

      Over-moulded plug surround

      Non-compression strain relief system


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      Length Of Cable
      Length Of Cable
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      KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE.

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